Frequently Asked Questions


Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely! As long as you are 21 years of age or older you can drink on the trolley. While the trolley does not supply nor sell any beverages, you are allowed to bring beer, wine, and seltzers on board. NO HARD LIQUOR OR MIXED DRINKS. We ask that you supply your own plastic cups or aluminum travel mugs if you are bringing a growler, or wine bottle. We also ask that you supply your own ice as well.

NO. The only exceptions are wine bottles and growlers. We prefer that any drinks be poured into a plastic cup or aluminum travel mug before the tour begins. If you would like to replenish your drink, we ask that you wait until the trolley is at a complete stop before refilling your cup/mug. Cans are welcomed and

We do not supply any food or drinks, but you are more than welcome to bring it on board for your tour!

You can bring a cooler on the trolley. We ask that you only bring one cooler on the trolley. You will not need more than one cooler as the trolley has a cooler already built in

What’s a party without some music?!? The trolley is equipped with a bluetooth speaker system that will allow you to control the music from your own phone!

The trolley can hold up to 14 passengers. There are 10 pedaling seats and two back benches that allow an additional 4 people to sit who might not want to pedal. We do require that your party has at least 8 people before the tour can begin.

We recommend comfortable clothing. We do ask that you wear tennis shoes and avoid any sandals/flip flops/Crocs as they are more than likely to fall off during the tour. You HAVE to wear shoes during the tour.

The trolley is for anyone ages 10 and up. A minor will need a signed waiver and be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Alcohol will NOT be permitted on any tours involving any minors under the age of 18. Our top priority at Twisted Mitten Tours is to ensure the safety of our passengers. If alcohol is seen on board with a minor(s) present, the tour will instantly be terminated and no refund will be issued.

We ride rain or shine! There is enough of an overhang from the canopy to keep our passengers out of direct rain fall. We just ask that you dress according to the weather. We will try our best to notify you at least 2 hours in advance if we have to cancel your tour due to severe weather. If you do not hear from us, your tour is still on! If your tour starts, and then has to be called off due to severe weather, we will prorate your tour. If your tour gets canceled due to severe weather, we can issue a refund or you can
reschedule your same purchased tour for a different date.

We understand things come up sometimes. We just ask that you give us at least a 48 hour notice if you have to cancel your tour. If you have to cancel a tour, we can either issue you a refund, or you are more than welcome to select another available date for the same tour purchased. ie: premium tour or non premium tour

Of course! We just ask that you do not cover up our business sponsors on the canopy and do not damage any part of the trolley when decorating.

Tours start and end at 311 West Michigan Street in Mount Pleasant, with a stop along the way at the Blue Gator Sports Pub & Grill and any other bars or businesses you wish to make a pit stop. We ask that you show up 20 minutes before your tour starts so you can enjoy your full tour time. If your party shows up late, you are only cutting into your tour time. Your tour will still end at the designated time.

Twisted Mitten Tours has a pre-determined route through downtown Mt. Pleasant. If you would like to make any stops at any shops, bars, or local establishments in downtown Mt. Pleasant, just let us know!

We offer 2 hour tours, 7 days a week from 8am to 11pm. Choose “Book Tour” to see our calendar for times and availability!

Absolutely! Our drivers work hard to make your experience on our trolley a fun one!